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This is very well done. There are some changes to be made before final grading.



Your page contains spelling errors. To improve it, please spell check. If you use Firefox, it contains a spell checker. Alternatively, edit the entire page, copy and paste the content into a word processing document, fix the spelling (being careful not to change any formats in the document, and then paste it back into the wiki. Don't forget to save your changes! Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Spell}}''from your page.

Give some dimensions for the size of the paper needed for the graph.


Using Galleries[edit]

I notice that you have several images on your page. It may be useful to organize them in a gallery. The format is quite simple:

The following captioned gallery was added to this page using this syntax:

<gallery caption="Data set 1;Valentine's Day snow storm 2007, South Burlington Vermont">
Image:315Small Snow.jpg|Figure 1. Snow accumulation at 3:15 during a snowstorm on Feb 14 2007 in South Burlington Vermont USA; click to view closer
Image:345 smallSnow.jpg|Figure 2. Snow accumulation at 3:45; click to view closer.
Image:415 smallSnow.jpg|Figure 3. Snow accumulation at 4:15; click to view closer.

Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Gallery}}''from your page.

I think the gallery will really improve things, because right now the pictures break up the flow and make the lesson run to more printed pages than needed. A second gallery for the reflections photos would e great.

Reword this piece: and how not ones persons fingerprints.

Cite from the text about the class-wide graph to the finished graph like this (Figure 8). Each figure should be cited somewhere in the text.

In your citations, provide a link to Prof. Whiteford's web page. Some teacher from Auckland or Kenya won't have a clue who he is and the link to his teaching resources will be valuable.

Not all of you have reflected.


Final Edits[edit]

Some tags were automatically added to your new page when it was established. Once you have made changes in response to the editorial suggestions you should remove them. Once they have been removed your assignment will be graded.

Tags to remove[edit]

Edit your page; turn off the rich text option and remove the following pieces of text: ''{{WIP}}'' ''{{S@W}}'' Once those tags have been removed, it will signal to others that you have made your contribution, and that they are welcome to modify your page and improve upon it.

Common mistakes section[edit]

If you have not already removed this section, do so now.

Dmccabe (talk)12:40, 21 February 2010