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This looks really very good! Nice work with minor changes needed.



Your page contains spelling errors. To improve it, please spell check. If you use Firefox, it contains a spell checker. Alternatively, edit the entire page, copy and paste the content into a word processing document, fix the spelling (being careful not to change any formats in the document, and then paste it back into the wiki. Don't forget to save your changes! Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Spell}}''from your page.

Your handout is great. If it is a download, then you need to confirm that it is copyright free and provide a link back to the source directly from the handout page (not from your main wiki). If it is your own work, then you need a statement confirming that.

You need to provide a printable blind spot tester. If the one you used has copyright issues, then make one that approximates the dimensions used.


Metric system[edit]

Please use the metric system for all measures and use the appropriate symbol in the correct case based on the Système International d'Unités (SI units). Imperial (US or English) units should be placed in parentheses if they are important (pint jars for example). This is important for at least two reasons:

  • The scientific community adopts the metric system and we should model that for children in science class
  • This is an international resource and SI units are internationally recognized. Imperial units vary from place to place.
Wikipedia-logo-en.png SI
Wikipedia has an article on this subject.

Visit SI for more in depth information

Example: We used 118ml (4 US fluid ounce) Dixie cups for our experiment.
A commercial unit conversion site Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Metric}}''from your page.

If this statement is true: not all human beings have a blind spot then you need a citation. I'm not aware of this, but I have not done the research that you guys have done. It is important that the resource be truthful in all aspects. As I understand it, all vertebrates have blind spots. Please correct me if I am wrong and provide a citation.

Math connection[edit]

I don't see a math connection here. There are no mathematical concepts articulated. Why not replace this section with an artistic connection that would be easier to justify. None of the data gathered are numerical, so I'[m struggling to see the math.

Literature connections[edit]

Please find some more resources here. There are several child-friendly anatomy books including coloring books. I like Magic anatomy (please keep it in), but it's currently hard to find.

Dmccabe (talk)02:49, 8 April 2009