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Trial run[edit]

So, has this been tried on our campus? We need to do so, and provide photographs and temperature data. We have all of the materials available. This is the most important piece; we need to see data or we have not demonstrated that this can be done.


Data sheet? Graphing sheet? This will strengthen your math connections.


You need backing soda and water in the control bowl, or better yet, just pour the CO2 into the experimental bowl and keep the wed/dry ingredients out.


There is no point in a Vaseline seal for a cardboard lid. So, suggest glass, plexi glass, or something else that will seal onto the Vaseline. Actually, you mention plastic lids in the methods, but cardboard in the materials list.


I would advocate this to test for CO2 (it should instantly die). However, it will also release particulate carbon in the smoke as well as heat and will mess up your data. Impacts the whole control/experimental issue.



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