Challenges in delivering the Booking Keeping Topic

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Hello Naomy,

A major challenge to delivering entrepreneurship training (Bookkeeping topic inclusive) in my own work experience is that the ‘Skill Acquisition’ aspect of the Training is given more emphasis in the design and delivery of training programmes, while the entrepreneurship training is given very little time i.e. emphasis is placed more on learning a trade or acquiring a skill. As I stated earlier, this may result in the young people having problems managing their businesses, because they did not receive enough training in these vital areas.

Though i have not been involved in book keeping traning, but from my experience as a traniner, using a Case Study is an excellent way to begin any training session. When facilitating any session, a good case study always elicits a lively participatory response. Also asking the audience to prepare and deliver group presentations on the topic can also be very effective.

Shining Star (talk)02:09, 23 February 2011