Cc-by-sa vs cc-by vs cc0 vs pd

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This is a question for those involved in this initiative and/or a possible learning activity to adapt and include among the resources.

  • Which license is more supportive of freedom to learn for all: cc-by vs cc-by-sa ?
    • Does fewer restrictions always imply more freedom in the long run?
      • What "freedom" does the "sa" restriction restrict?
      • To protect and encourage growth of the commons, which of these two licenses would you recommend?
        • What assumptions are you making?
      • Would public domain or cc0 be even better (or worse) in terms of freedom to learn for all in the long term? (explain your answer).


  • Imagine a proprietary company developing intelligent agents to automatically find, package, attribute, summarise, translate and sell resultant content under an all rights reserved license and restricting access only to whom the company chooses.
    • Would it be permissible (legally) to incorporate cc-by content? cc-by-sa content? Public domain content? Cc0 content?
      • Which clauses in the licences/deeds permit/disallow this?
KTucker (talk)02:15, 4 November 2010