Categorisation and tagging, blogging netiquette, and avoiding pitfalls

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Thanks for that - -really appreciate the feedback and helping us improve quality.

Good suggestion -- will include and improve references to categories / labels.

I like the idea of an extension activity. The challenge with this tutorial is that some learners may set up a course specific blog (rather than their own permanent blog.) and we're trying to develop a resource which is sufficiently generic for both use cases. Also there are differences in how we would harvest the rss feeds - -for example, in a MOOC-like scenario we don't want to harvest personal blog posts which have nothing to do with the course. It can get complicated because WP supports tags but not blogger.

Good suggestion re pitfalls and netiquette- -I think the resource should be expanded to include an additional sub-page on Tips for blogging or something similar. Have now created new subpage for tips on blogging.

Ted's blog is a great resource and we can certainly link to it.

Perhaps you'd like to join me in building the Tips on blogging page ;-)

Mackiwg (talk)12:29, 21 February 2013