Capability maturity models

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Refinements, I really think they become more than just refinements. From what I have read so far of the eMM is it is more focused on the maturity of "traditional" institutions. Where there are faculty and students, where there are formal application and registration processes, where there is published brochures to attract students... I believe wiki based OER is different, particularly in the authorship of the OER. The eMM is about institutions abilities;

The E-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) provides a means by which institutions can assess and compare their capability to sustainably develop, deploy and support e-learning.

I think WikiEducator needs to think about its similarities and differences with "traditional" institutions that are moving into the eLearning arena. I think this is more the focus of the eMM. This does not mean that we can't take all that is good from eMM and "refine" it the WikiEducator.

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Prawstho (talk)02:53, 7 May 2008