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to date Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 5:57 PM subject Re: CCCOER Governing Board Members and Functions - please comment

Hi Steering Committee/Governing Board and Friends,

Here are my thoughts on the co-chair question so far.

1. When we were discussing the Governing Board this summer we talked about keeping it small and agile. As currently constituted the Governing Board has 11 voting members plus the Exec. Dir. as a non-voting member. This was passed at the Sept. 17, 2010 One-day Meeting.

2. Here's the chat from the 10-18-2010 Monday Governing Board Meeting:

Moderator (Jacky): john moved and susie seconded for committees to convene Moderator (Randy Fisher): Cable votes "Yes" Moderator (Liza): John moves, Susie second convening committees, passed unanimously.

We did discuss having Co-chairs for these committees on 10-18 but no one mentioned changing the Governing Board.

I haven't reviewed the audio transcript but I believe the task falls to John, as Board Secretary, to write up the motion clearly and submit it for approval as part of the Minutes of that meeting. As yet, we haven't been using a formal Minutes process but this may be a good time to start.

3. If CCCOER is now acting as if it were a legal non-profit corporation and wants to enlarge the Governing Board to include all committee co-chairs, it needs to a) circulate a motion by email to change the constitution of the Governing Board and have all voting members vote on it or b) convene a meeting of the Governing Board to entertain the motion and vote.

4. The CCCOER Bylaws only call for two meetings of the Governing Board each year although it may meet as often as it wishes. The Governing Board may establish and dissolve committees whenever it chooses and may appoint anyone, even non-members to chair those committees.

5. In designing the committee structure, I had in mind that the committees would do most of the work of the organization. That would include planning for the next fiscal year as well as overseeing the activities and programs in the current year. Committees would then submit their proposals to the Governing Board. The rationale for assigning Governing Board Members to committees is to ensure that the Governing Board knows what the organization is doing between its meetings and has an opportunity to approve future plans before the organization commits to action.

6. Committee chairmanship is demanding and during our start-up phase we have had only a few active people to invent the organization. Therefore, I suggested that each Governing Board Member serve on more than one committee. It was not my intention that only Board Members could chair these committees or that people who volunteered and were accepted as committee chairs would automatically become members of the Governing Board.

7. I'm not sure why there is a concern about "equality" among committee chairs but I've run out of time at the moment and beg your pardon if I cut this email short (that's a joke ;-}).

Hope these comments clarify the discussion and I look forward to the next round of ideas.



Liza Loop (talk)15:47, 10 December 2010