Bugs and navigation improvements

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While navigating through the materials to create a complete collection of them I discovered several units where the navigation was a bit weak. Also some duplication of Unit and Introduction pages: one with inconsistent content between the two. All here for anyone who would like to take on the task of improvement. Detailed by unit:

Unit 4:


from within unit 4 it is not possible to nav back to the other units. breadcrumbs missing on all sub pages except the introduction.

Unit 5: same problem


Unit 6: same problem


Unit 10:


Unlike the ones listed above this unit has NO WAY to get to unit 11 or back to the main unit listings once inside this unit. Not even breadcrumbs from the introductory page.

unit 8:



With some of the units I found that the "unit" page and the "introduction" page within the unit had the same content repeated on them. Unit 8 was the only one where the content from one to the other was different (one missing objectives etc).

Alexhennig (talk)12:09, 2 February 2008