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Ricardo Medina

This approach has many possibilites for the teacher and students, but also I can see some disadvantages. For example my concern is that any material used in one classroom or in a certain enviroment can not necessary give the same effect in another one. So the teacher has to be skillful enough to adapt and arrange every activity according with the students' profile where he has to use it. The same happens with ideas, one idea is good when used with certain people and with some particular characteristics, but not with all the learners. Well, I wellcome this situation and I hope I can share my ideas and get good ones.

The authoring approaches can be used and they can result in ideas that work for our particular teaching situation. One problem can have many solutions, and the more ideas we get, it might be easier to find a solution.

Up to this moment wiki is of grat help as it is, I hope the future can bring something new. Thanks.

Ricardomedina (talk)13:07, 12 August 2010

Hello I am Martha González and I really looking forward to learning and using wikis. I am not very good at this kind of means but I am a quick learner and I know it is not going to be a great deal for me, at least I hope so. I consider that in this changing world we need to be more and more involved with technology, so by using wikis we can get our students' attention by providing updated information.

Marthagonzalez (talk)02:30, 13 August 2010

I believe open authoring approaches contribute to the development of updated material related to an area, education in this case. As it was mentioned by other participants, these approaches provide the opportunity to work collaboratively to reach common goals; however, I believe we should be careful to use valid information and include its reference or source since not all the information we can find in wikis is reliable.

One of the biggest advantages of OER is that anyone can have access to knowledge no matter where he is or what his social status is.

Norma Rocha (talk)05:28, 15 August 2010