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Hi Bronwyn

I've been looking at some of the assessment details and came across this note:

"Be careful not to use real names for courses, people or organisations in your summary or in the draft or final results".

I appreciate the 'people' and 'organisations' need to be made anonymous but wonder about the 'names for courses' as the ones I am looking at are standardised across the whole country - and are therefore not specific to this college. Is it ok to include them or should I refer to course X and Y?

Thanks Yvonne --Yvonne 14:01, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Moor267 (talk)02:01, 3 June 2008

Hi Yvonne,

Many thanks for pointing this out as I had not noticed that note.


Snakey (talk)15:03, 8 June 2008