As Monsoon Arrives, Admission Frenzy Grips Students Again

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It’s that time of the year when there lingers a whiff of freshness in the air. Its time for the monsoons to arrive. After a gruelling hot summer which only seems to get worse by the year, monsoons bring about freshness, cooling down temperatures and spreading greenery all around. It is also the time for admissions when over a million students out from higher secondary education or graduation look to forward their higher education in the field of their choice. A decision that will have a telling effect on their careers ahead, something which many may not be fully aware of at this stage. Higher education is a prerequisite today in terms of building up on one’s own career. That is why it is highly important that after an individual chooses the preferred career path, one should pay outmost importance to the type of institution in which to pursue the same. Much unlike the monsoons which follows a seasonal pattern, the industry needs change from time to time. Today the industry values skill sets, communication skills and work experience more unlike in the past when just a master’s degree would suffice. So while most institutions promise a lot and have blatant promises printed in their prospectus and websites, it pays a lot not to heed such places. As compared to IT where every person needs a thorough grounding in software, fields such as Mass communication, Management, Banking & Finance and Commerce, work experience along with supporting theory is a must. In this respect today many distance education institutes give good value with their training and syllabus as they allow you to work simultaneously which is not possible in regular colleges. With modern technology and educational tools, these distance learning providers have managed to involve greater interactivity and have found ready acceptance in the corporate industry. Whatever institution you might choose at the end of the day, remember to follow the following pointers to avoid dejection later on: • Do not go fall for flashy promises in the prospectus. Always make sure to visit the place in person, talk to alumni if possible and research on the net • Look for skills needed in your profession and if these are being provided by the college you wish to join • Look for options if the institute is providing you to work while you learn • Try and know the faculty from before. Industry based faculty is the best as they understand what is in demand • Find out if the institute is UGC approved and in case of distance education if it is approved by DEC (Distance Education Council) • The more the alumni base of an institute the better it is. For Example: Sikkim Manipal University-Distance Education has more than 3 lakh alumni from 52 countries • Lastly but not the least, find out if the institute provides for placement assistance and how well it is recognised in your choice of field as such.

SMUDE (talk)22:54, 16 July 2010