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The assessments used in the face to face instance of this course are not appropriate for an oer course so the assessment items are not yet developed. Our learning designer has suggested a quiz or a number of smaller quizzes to test theoretical knowledge and a comprehensive case study which applies the introductory principles of management and organisational theory to the workplace. I think we need two options for the case study:

  1. for learners that are working ( or have been previously employed) and can choose their current or past work place for the case study - in this case the case study could be a series of questions or reflection points that learners need to address and relate to their workplace environment.
  2. for learners that are not employed and have never been in employment - in that case we will need to provide a comprehensive case study with enough information and context for the learners to be able to answer the questions and identify and reflect on the issues included in the case study.
Playnice nz (talk)14:14, 16 March 2012