Advice and tips on user page to keep

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Tip. Lets start working with page "My recent reads"

  • keep intact [[My recent reads]]
  • create additional wiki-code:[[/My recent reads/]],
  • save page. you'll se both old and new links for "My recent reads". red link only means there is still no content in page,
  • click on old page "My recent reads", copy content ("back to records" link is not necessary anymore),
  • go back to you user page
  • then click on red title My recent reads, paste content.
  • Save page. Content is now in your personal new subpage My recent reads!!
  • Stop here, and make some reflections on structure differences.
  • What do you do with old page?... to be continued =)
Helend (talk)09:25, 3 April 2009