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Hi - I'm very new to the world of wikis and wikieducator so I hope my comments will be helpful and not too obvious to those of you who have developed this fantastic project to this stage. I note that you want to produce guidelines that are different from wikipedia. What stands this wiki apart is that it is elearning and (unless I have missed it) I don't see the guidelines directly addressing that so far. I would see it as part of the purpose of a style guide to alert content-writers to the need to think about their learners, scaffold a learning pathway and design content for different learning styles etc. These points could either be part of the 'design' category - or even part of an introduction that gives some snappy design principles upfront, so that all style reflects these principles. --Jane Brotchie 11:59, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

JaneBr (talk)00:59, 17 September 2009


This is a really good suggestion. It may be useful to WE's authors to have such suggestions available for the creation of new resources. If you're inspired toward this sort of thing, you may want to think about instigating a project geared toward designing them. It doesn't sound like what would apply to the style guidelines. These cover things like proper capitalisation, citing sources, and content formatting. Think Associated Press, Chicago Manual of Style, or American Psychology Association.

Definitely stick around and watch how the style guidelines develop. I would bet you could come up with some great ideas, and I look forward to seeing them. I'm very excited about the potential of this project!

Jesse Groppi (talk)02:57, 30 September 2009