A very late 'Hello All' from Sue

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Hello All,

Am I the last to join?

Hopefully I haven't missed too much...

My name is Sue Hugill and this is my fifth paper in the Grad Cert in E-Learning. My goal is to complete the Certificate this year. In a past life I was a hairdresser, but I've been teaching hairdressing at the School of Hair and Beauty at Manukau Institute of Technology for the last 13 years. I love teaching and thoroughly enjoy everything the digital age has brought to my fingertips. My vision is to create an engaging online environment for my 'digitally native' students - I'm slowly getting there :)

I've just done a quick skim read and it's great to see some familiar names, as well a few peeps I've not met before ...so HI ALL :)

Right. It seems I need to get a Blog going so I best be off to get that organised. No doubt I'll get a chance to interact with you all later,


Snakey (talk)18:38, 10 March 2008

OK Blog setup @ http://hugi1.blogspot.com/ (still needs a bit of tweaking but hopefully you can access it...:) )

Snakey (talk)20:12, 10 March 2008

your blog is great. I now have you linked to the course blog as well. I am very interested to hear more about your initiatives with hairdressing students. Bron

Bronwynh (talk)12:55, 11 March 2008