A few quick observations

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  • I'd avoid using numbers of Modules in the text (eg Module 2) -- Limits reuse should we want to change the order or use in a different course.
  • Regarding navigation of OERu courses -- perhaps we should develop a generic OP Online tutorial / resource on navigating our wiki courses rather than embedding in the course materials.
  • Once completed -- you can insert the PrevNext template arrows at the bottom of the pages. For example:

  • I think the objectives would be improved if we include some of the learning action outputs - eg the Tell your story portfolio etc. When I started the unit -- I was not sure of what I would "produce" and would be useful to know this upfront.
  • Regarding the navigation template -- I would remove "The Dual professional" from the bar at the top. Its redundant repetition ;-).
Mackiwg (talk)12:14, 20 May 2013