A few issues - break up into separate threads as needed

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>>Thanks for all your responses and efficient changes, etc.

Your welcome Kim. As Wayne said, you've tackled this project with remarkable depth and passion.

>>I think that the best way to tack this challenge is to use a flow chart or decision table. We could have a green line showing the decision path of >>Educator that support the free cutural works definition and a blue line for those who don't -- respecting freedom of choice.

I fully support the idea of a chart or decision table for those who want to adhere to a free cultural works definition, provided that it is introduced in the licensing (or relevant section) as one of a few different paths. By all means, incorporate links to RMS or freedefined.org or anyone else you might deem appropriate.

Also, Kim, I think if you want to add something in the handbook about the ambiguity in use of the word "free." Additionally, I wouldn't object to a mention of "Libre," provided it is understood that the handbook will be using its current terminology.

>>In my mind was an insert with each chapter. Perhaps instead of inserts we could have "Exercises"/ "Hands-on" inserts/ or even a separate workbook) >>which in effect take the serious readers through the steps of building their own first OER (and deploy it on one of three sites - WikiEducator, >>Connexions and ...).

I don't object inserts within each chapter, provided we can have them complete before the 30th. My concern with adjustments that approach that size is we will have a half-baked solution (because of time, not skill) and be forced to run with it.

Sgurell (talk)07:54, 12 June 2008