A Question on the Case Study

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Hi all,

I have just been reading the case study and had the following thought:

I was surprised that the students preferred the audio only format. Good to see that this was confirmed via the focus groups, who backed up the evidence of the download data, but it got me wondering why that would have been preferred over full video, or even the sound synched with PowerPoint.

I concluded that it was possibly for two reasons, neither pedagogical:

1. This suited the types of devices that were most prevalent, e.g. iPod; and

2. It was the most convenient format, allowing a review of the material whilst running, at the gym, commuting etc. and not requiring a computer.

If I think back to my own lectures at uni, I am not convinced that audio alone would have been enough to gain a full understanding of the topics, particularly if I hadn't attended in the first place! And what if you are not an auditory learner.... The other two methods cater for other learning styles.

Interested in any thoughts.



Gordon (talk)17:40, 10 March 2008