A Multi-purpose Culture-inclusive Sample Compilation of Inspirational Symbols etc.

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Jai Hind! and Su-Prabhatam Anil and all members of India Team,

Here follows the sample list as suggested in the India Node.

1) Bha - means the pyramidal light - structure of Shree Chakram. (The source reference will be given in the Project Research Paper.)This symbol is all-inclusive in value , meaning and content. Hence it may be adopted as the basic symbol of ever increasing and expanding knowledge base and consciousness. ratha means those who inherit, understand and pursue the perfection in life the symbol stands for.

2) The script OM is an audio-visual symbol which permeates the entire Vedic lore. It can be used in many and varied contexts. The human fetus in the womb is found to have natural formation of this script.

3) The Disc/Wheel of Dharma is another fascinating symbol which has taken the central place of pride on the Indian National Flag which not a political tool of mundane faith. The Flag needs to be hoisted to greater heights of cultural integration and human integrity where it flies without fear and falsehood.

4) The Conch shell - This is the symbol of inner voice of enlightened conscience and universal resources of learning.

5) The Lotus - This is a symbol extolled by Aadya Shankaracharya in his most popular composition Bhajagovindam and also in his profound commentaries on the Upanishats and the Bhagavadgita.

6) The Vedic-historical seals of Dwaraka and other places

7) The postal stamps containing culture-related images may be consulted/referred to.

8) The Snake-symbols, Temple architectural forms and icons which have cultural relevance.

9) The various Mandalas used in folk art forms.

10)The musical instruments like Veena have Vedic background and they depict human anatomy.

A State-wise survey would enrich this compilation.

The available pictures will be uploaded for perusal shortly.

GCresearcher 01:31, 29 May 2008 (UTC)

Director (talk)13:31, 29 May 2008