A Factsheet of Life Experience Degrees

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What is meant by Life Experience Degrees? • The answer is straight forward – degrees based on life experience. • It does not matter whether you possess five years or fifteen or fifty years experience. • Your vocation is immaterial. You may be an artisan, a military man, social worker, book keeping clerk, peon, canteen-boy, drummer, newspaper vendor, teacher, sports instructor or as a matter of fact from any field of experience. • There is no discrimination on your male or female gender. • Your city, state and country of residence can be anywhere in the world. • Degrees are awarded to you purely on the basis of your experience, skills, talents and knowledge. Why should you obtain Life Experience Degrees? • Did you miss out your studies after certain levels due to financial problems? If yes, this is the golden opportunity to get a degree or diploma. • Were you forced by your parents to start earning from early ages in order to support your parents to feed younger brothers and sisters? If yes, then it is obvious that you could not go to schools and colleges. Dear friend, you must grab this once in a lifetime chance to get degree, diploma, high school certificate, engineer and many other coveted labels. What types of Life Experience Degrees are awarded? • Diploma, degrees, high school diploma, associates, masters, doctorate and any combination. • You can get the degrees in any majors or subjects accounts, finance, history, arts, teaching, library management, museum, crafts, music and many more subjects. How to get Life Experience Degrees? Your eligibility for being suitable for the degrees or diplomas is ascertained from the life experience credits earned by you. Procedure is simple.

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