A Big Welcome!

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Hello Everyone,

I am a youth advisor/counsellor and mentor. My main interest is to enrich my professional youth work through this course. I look forward to great interactions.

I think youth development practice is a special focus on a target group that ranges from the age 16 to 35 depending on the country/s concerned. This practice seeks to understand the specific issues that effect, influence and stimulate youths towards self fulfilment. Youth practitioners provide support and facilitate that journey of self discovery. --Smauye 20:24, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

Smauye91 (talk)09:24, 15 February 2011

Hi Mauye! Your are most welcome to our training. I encourage you to actively contribute to the discussions. To start with define youth. See my posting and comment by replying!

Tandeo2011 (talk)18:11, 15 February 2011