AFR based Innovative Learning in Management Education

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AFR based Innovative Learning in Management Started by Mahesh Chandra Joshi at KNV Institute of Business Management, Rajkot( India )[edit]

Business Administration & Management Education is among few academic areas where changes are routine and new & new methods help to increases skills of learners. As in Literature, History or Fine Arts innovations or new developments are either not possible or are very slow but in Management Education methods like Case Method, Presentations, Power Point Presentations, Role Play, Simulations are very popular and effective.

In this series MBA students of KNV Institute of Business Management, Rajkot ( India ) experienced innovative learning when probably for the first time in academic world when its faculty Mr. Mahesh Chandra Joshi introduced AFAR Method ( Analyze, Forecast and Review ) to study the latest developments taking place in the marketing area or related business areas. This was centered around “ DTH Users of India ”.

While in Case Method of Teaching, parties, incidents and outcomes are known to every one so one can only get experience, but in AFAR Method learners discuss individuals, organizations and their decisions which are most recent and forecast about the possible out comes. After significant period of time when actual outcomes or performance of individuals, organization and its decision becomes clear, the learners compare their forecast with actual outcomes and learn skill of Analysis, Forecasting & Review.

The AFAR may be on launch of a new product, success or failure of promotional campaign of any organization, pricing policy or mergers. This method gives an opportunity to learners where they can utilize their theoretical knowledge in real life situation with out actually bearing any risk.

If learner is right than definitely it will sharpen its skill and increase confidence but even if learner is wrong he has no monetary loss or his / her job is not at stake.

Mahesh Chandra Joshi (talk)20:19, 10 September 2009