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Abstinence is simply defined as the act of staying away from "any kind" of sexual activity." Any kind" because as of today, people have chosen and invented new and contrary ways of engaging in sexual acts. Some willingly commit adultery and fornication, while others go to an extent of doing gruesome and filthy acts of having sex amongst same genders, whereby females have sex among themselves and males likewise.

Abstinence, if practised with total commitment can prevent today's social ills such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality, home wrecking and the spread of so transmitted diseases including HIV|AIDS. It can be argued that in most instances people are driven to engage in such acts by the urge to experiment. For instance, one may try doing a sexual act with a person of the same gender simply to know how it would feel to do so. Or people may generally engage in sexual activities because it is socially acceptable to do such.

In order to acheive an abstinence dominant generation, societies should bring themselves closer to God and absolutely abide by His principles, which should not be much of a strain for Botswana and its citizens since the country is known as a christian nation.The Bible clearly speaks against sexual immorality. Genesis 19:1-11 describes homosexuality as a "wicked thing" and Leviticus 18:22 says its a "detestable sin." If God Himself is against sexual immorality, who are we to do otherwise? It is commendable to listen to God and do as He wills, after all He is the one who created us.

However, it must be noyed that an exception of abstinence is made only for legally married couples, that is husband and wife, as in male and female, not anything that does not comform to this.

Boitshepo Setogile (talk)22:26, 2 May 2014