924 Assignment 2

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Iam sorry JC i did not analyse your draft at all so i will be lying if i comment. Not sure with the rest of the team.

Hove (talk)04:45, 9 August 2010

Hope to see yo comments Hove. Thats would be very helpful.

JEREMIAH CHAPHXANYA (talk)04:47, 9 August 2010

hove, how far has your team gone with 923P & 926S? any update for us?

Akachi Ngwu (talk)04:55, 9 August 2010

We are almost done with 923 i have sent a rough draft today. 926 by the end of the week it will ready

Hove (talk)05:00, 9 August 2010

great. members are encouraged to revert with their comments to the team. we need to crack Thabo with these second assignment.

Akachi Ngwu (talk)05:03, 9 August 2010

Yes sir. Iam encouraged by your positive mentality. Thanks Akachi for the past exam papers.

Hove (talk)05:08, 9 August 2010