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Evelyn has sent an email to Shumi, stating she can get that meeting, I have been on the tigerbrand wesite and the financial info available with investor presentation is from 2002. The good thing here is that it is a South African company that operates in a South Africa enviroment and is listed,it will be more difficult for the lecturer to use a Uganda company. My new divisional manager is from Tiger brands and he is still an nonexecutive member of the board of Tiger brands, you can go on the website and is clearly stated, I will also get his critique on this assignment--Luisaserra 16:09, 30 May 2010 (UTC)

Luisaserra (talk)04:09, 31 May 2010

Then we can go ahead with Tiger brands

Akachi Ngwu (talk)04:12, 31 May 2010

I think we should have two alternatives. Tiger Brands and the Ugandan one.

Hove (talk)04:18, 31 May 2010

The Ugandan one can be the plan B then.

Victor.mensah (talk)04:30, 31 May 2010

Thanks Luisa. Looks like we are heading toward Tiger arent we?

Victor.mensah (talk)04:14, 31 May 2010

I need to have everyone confortable with this decision, let's see where Jeremiah stands. Unfortunately Kaygo is not in the wiki and Shungu and Hove after logging in has been silent--Luisaserra 16:20, 30 May 2010 (UTC)

Luisaserra (talk)04:20, 31 May 2010

i've read all the comments on Tigerbrand it seems the relevant information is at arms reach,so lets proceed with it! sorry i'm late i just came in from the cattlepost!

Kay go (talk)04:26, 31 May 2010


Evelyn mentioned that she does have a couple of contacts in Tiger. I hope she can get us the interview

--Shumimlingo 16:16, 30 May 2010 (UTC)

Shumimlingo (talk)04:16, 31 May 2010

With MBL922 i think we both agree that we will use Tiger Brands and Evelyn will have to organise a meeting with Tiger Brands guys during or before study school. I think we should continue to the next agenda since we have a lot to be covered.

Hove (talk)04:28, 31 May 2010