921 Assignment

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Guys we are still doing the final touches to the draft. Its unfortunate that Kago is not reachable today. He is the one who should give us all the deatils, however do not panic the draft will be ready before Wednesday the 24th of March 2010. I really unbdestand the concerns but we will be ready before the due date.

Hove (talk)04:20, 22 March 2010

Are u guys still there?

Hove (talk)04:25, 22 March 2010

i am 0online hove

JEREMIAH CHAPHXANYA (talk)04:33, 22 March 2010

Hi Mr J. how are u?

Hove (talk)04:35, 22 March 2010

I am good shaaz

JEREMIAH CHAPHXANYA (talk)04:37, 22 March 2010

Thanks Hove, let's make sure we give time for comments and corrections on each assignment, we are all fighting for good marks, let's keep focused--Luisaserra 16:27, 21 March 2010 (UTC)

Luisaserra (talk)04:27, 22 March 2010

Thanks Luisa. We will

Victor.mensah (talk)04:31, 22 March 2010

Thanks Hove.

Sorry Lions that we have been rather quiet with this assignment. We are going to put in extra effort to ensure that all is finalised before mid this week.

Victor.mensah (talk)04:30, 22 March 2010