916Q Assignment

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FYI: Team Econs are almost through with this assignment. We are waiting for finishing touches to Q1 from Kachi and then we will circulate the first draft by Wednesday this week. If you have any comments regarding this, pls feel free to respond. Thank you.

Utang (talk)05:42, 17 August 2009

Since there are no further comments, I'd like to thank you for attending this meeting and assure you that you will receive the first draft of 916Q assignment this week for your review and comments. Do have a fabulous week...and ROAR on!!!

Utang (talk)05:51, 17 August 2009

Many thanks Utang for chairing the meeting. See you all

Victor.mensah (talk)05:55, 17 August 2009

Dear Lions, I sent two emails to you all this afternoon with scans of our earlier Economics assignment. Kindly confirm if they have arrived in your inboxes. Team Econs - it may be good to take a look at the comments from the lecturer. cheers

Victor.mensah (talk)05:57, 17 August 2009

Thanks so much Victor, we will.

Utang (talk)05:59, 17 August 2009

Received the comments--Shungunyoni 17:06, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

Shungunyoni (talk)06:06, 17 August 2009