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THE CHALLENGES IN LINKING RESEARCH AND REFORMS IN EDUCATION Dr. Santhosh Areekkuzhiyil Assistant Professor Govt. Brennen College of teacher Education, Thalassery, Kannur District, Kerala santhoshclt@gmail.com

In both developing and developed countries, educational reforms continue to be an important priority. In all the reform what are important is relevance, quality and efficiency. The relevance of education refers to the needs of the learners, the developmental and socio cultural needs of the nation (both present and future) as well as the local needs. Reforms of specific areas of education, particularly new organisation of contents and methods of education are another area of concern. The new learner centred approach to instruction and evaluation which gave emphasis on students mastery of knowledge and their competency building are gaining more and more attention. The expanding roles and new responsibilities of the teachers are currently discussed in different part of the world along with issues associated with teacher status, teacher competence and qualitative improvement of teacher education.

Dr. SANTHOSH AREEKKUZHIYIL (talk)05:07, 20 July 2011