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Hi Wayne,

I noticed that this navigation bar has a different structure in comparison to Tuts 1 to 11. I can see why you want two topics for this one and not for the others. What I'm wondering is how to get the tutorial # in to the nav bar. What do you think?

Also I have been thinking about the objectives for each tutorial. My thoughts are that it might be handy to have them as a link back to the main Wikieducator Tutorial page and as a hide/show feature in the navigation bar. With both options the educator/learner can quickly review the objectives and still have the content in front of them or go back to the main page. I don't think it would take much work. Adding a collapsible table inside the current one and making templates for all the objectives then linking them into each navigation bar. What do you think?

Kruhly (talk)20:39, 13 March 2008