' Progress on the DFL/e-Learning Strategies and development.'

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"DFL/e-Learning aspect is not new to many pacific and neighbouring countries as I assume. The idea on DFL/e-Learning has gotten off the ground in Solomon Islands because of its viability through the setting up of Distance Learning Centres in almost 10 provinces of Solomon Islands.The One Laptop per child is a new trend that will be taken on board. Pfnet - project funded by EU/Stabex being the front runner in Distance Learning through e-learning using the DLC has cultivated a strong pathway for the Ministry of Education to embark on to DFL/e-Learning as another mode to education and learning.Embracing the National Education Action Plan(NEAP) 2007 - 2009 of the Ministry of Education has also embarked on strategies to include DFL/e-Learning another mode to deliver education and learning in Solomon Islands. The DFL strategy in its roadmap include:- 1.The setting up a DFL Technical Working Group to begin the ground work on this area and have continiuosly met to discuss the wayforward. 2.A Workshop on Policy Frame Work Development was organised and facilitated by Dr.Pala Wari and funded by 'Pride.' The workshop has been a tremendous help for the different Policy TWGs. DFL TWG used the lessons learnt from the workshop to further develop the DFL/e-Learning Policy. A frame work that will enable the the Ministry of Education to deliver the service. Being one of the TWG members, we have sometimes weekly meetings to work on the Policy. 3. Just recently 2nd - 4th October, 2007 'Tanyss' from the COL.ran a workshop on DFL/e-Learning Policy Development and School Development strategies. All these aspects are related to DFL/e-Learning. This is the 3rd draft of the Policy. Also you can visit us in our website and share your views on -http://sidfl.awardspace.com/ Friends see you next.' Bernard Rapasia [col@mehrd.gov.sb] Wednesday 10th Oct/2007.


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