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SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DOMINATES ENTIRE PARADIGM OF KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY THUS DEMANDING INTERVENTION STRATEGIES WITH THE SUPPORT OF ICT FOR MAKING LEARNING JOYFUL AND INTERACTIVE. Therefore education in the form of knowledge and skills will continue to be the cheapest asset that human civilization ever had. What is the next evolutionary economy? Albert Einstein says" Imagination is more important than knowledge. Because knowledge is limited and imagination encircles the world."

At the global level, we are currently experiencing a debate between two large group of learned individuals. One of them is unanimously advocating for "sustainability" and the other group is in the opinion of " development--huge....massive". While negotiating between these two extremities, we find another group which is in favor of both " sustainable development." Sustained development has become a catch phrase among learned community. Is it well addressed?

Information Communication Technology is the unique invention of mankind. Each one of us feel empowered when we are having either a notebook, laptop, or mobiles( with internet connectivity). Online users are growing phenomenally across all countries. Since ICT is supplementing and complementing conventional methods of information dissemination, it has yet to succeed in replacing conventional methods. It is irony about our communication and socialization process. Many of us firmly experienced and noticed that ICT is influencing our social behaviour dramatically. No matter whether the individual is in metropolis or in a remote highland. Learned community is really enjoying and loving the ICT and moving towards virtual mode. Of course, such trend of virtual social behaviour has significant criticisms when we experience immature ICT users. But, it is important that how much and how qualitatively we are using ICT. ICT should not go beyond the social, cultural and philosophical foundations of any society.

Knowledge, being the cheapest and rarest kind of asset,is of great demand especially during the current era of globalized form of knowledge economy. Expertise and marvelous ideas are thrown open to learned community through World Wide Web(WWW). Web 2.0 technologies make online teaching-learning process interactive. In the current state, learners quench their thirst for knowledge acquisition without teachers' support. They get sufficient time to imagine, rethink, analyze and synthesize. Creativity of individuals are striking.

The search for true knowledge will never end. It follows the path human development. We are remodeling or renovating our kitchen room with a number of sophisticated electronic gadgets and equipments of high quality. We replace our gas burner with induction plates. We can make the kitchen or house as we want. Have we ever thought that the basic/fundamental ways of cooking has remain unchanged. The way we eat is constant. There is a way to sleep, we can hardly change that. Therefore, during the present era of knowledge economy, it is essential to focus on what constitute quality? What makes life meaningful and peaceful? We are born to progress, progress invites competitions, competitions bring hatred, hatred welcomes war, war breaks unity and then we loose our identity.

A question that strikes within the context of present discourse--- what form of knowledge is needed in the present era? Is it practical or theoretical? Is it empirical or fictitious? Many of us don't know how much is left unknown and what we know is seldom sufficient for living. We spend minimum of 12 years of schooling and engaged in learning communication to language, counting to logarithm, Algebra to Mensuration, Logic to Philosophy, Nutrition to Medical Sciences, Locality to World History.What happens as we grow older and search for employment. Is the knowledge acquired in the formal schools/colleges/universities helpful during the interview? Employers seek for creative and on-spot solutions on the problems which can hardly be learned through any book. Employers seek for positive attitude and efficient skills. The education which is in our hand in the form certificates brings absolute frustration. That does not mean knowledge is useless or less important. What is needed is the positive attitude, mastery skills, and latest knowledge and one can be employable.

Beyond employment, we all consistently strive for healthy and peaceful living. What form of knowledge being imparted by our schools/colleges/universities can make our living joyful. There is hardly a single subject. To be a pioneer, a leader, a visionary, we all need to enrich our life skills--- LIFE ENRICHMENT SKILLS. There is no shortcuts to enrich one's own life. It takes years and no one can ever claim to be the master of all life enrichment skills. For leading life towards enrichment and more civilized, then learned community must decide and place them well in between two extremities---- ignorance and spirituality. Both of these extremities are the lowest and highest form knowledge that the human civilization acknowledge across all ages.

Prof. Sanjaya (talk)22:13, 21 January 2012