This are some cars i saw on the internet

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Car Review
A1x.jpg The Toyota Camry offers consumers high build quality, a comfortable ride and impressive durability, which is probably why it retains 62 percent of its value
B1x.jpg One of the first entries in the compact SUV market, the Toyota RAV4 benefits from years of refinement and many first-in-class features. It retains 62 percent of its value.
C1x.jpg Holding on to 61 percent of its value, the Scion xB offers youthful looks and is easy to personalize with an extensive list of dealer-installed aftermarket-type accessories.
D1x.jpg Priced competitively and offering plenty of passenger room and enough cargo capacity for most people's needs, the Honda CR-V is one of the most sought after crossovers. It retains 60 percent of its value.
E1x.jpg When it first hit the streets, the Chrysler Sebring offered impressive style and value. However, the car has lost its edge to fresher competitors. Thus, it falls on our worst list, retaining only 28 percent of its value.