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For reference, below is a list of all the important equations from the Fundamental Equation

Fundamental Equation of Thermodynamics

dU = TdS - PdV

dH = TdS + VdP

dA = -SdT - PdV

dG = -SdT + VdP

Maxwell Equations

[math]\left (\frac{\partial T}{\partial V}\right )_S=-\left (\frac{\partial P}{\partial S}\right )_V[/math]

[math]\left (\frac{\partial T}{\partial P}\right )_S=\left (\frac{\partial V}{\partial S}\right )_P[/math]

[math]\left (\frac{\partial S}{\partial V}\right )_T=\left (\frac{\partial P}{\partial T}\right )_V[/math]

[math]\left (\frac{\partial S}{\partial P}\right )_T=-\left (\frac{\partial V}{\partial T}\right )_P[/math]