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Image by christy scherrer. Second Life build by Aaron Griffiths for the SLENZ project. CC By

Welcome to "Te Wāhi Whānau/ The Birth Place" Birth Centre. This Birth Centre was developed as part of the Second Life Education New Zealand Project using the Birth Unit Design Principles developed by researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia and Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand.

There is increasing acknowledgment of the importance of environment in health care and particularly so in childbirth. Environment (both tangible and intangible) communicates powerful messages, impacting on the body, mind and soul of those confined within. In maternity this shapes physiological functioning and the behavior not only of the childbearing woman and her supporters, but also her care-givers. Acknowledging the vital role that environment plays, "Te Wāhi Whānau/ The Birth Place" Birth Centre was designed to facilitate and support the physiological processes of childbirth.

Women in this Birth Centre are cared for by midwives who provide continuity of care. You are warmly invited to explore "Te Wāhi Whānau/ The Birth Place" Birth Centre.