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Second Life virtual birthing unit March 2009. Image by Sarah Stewart. Second Life build by Aaron Griffiths for the SLENZ project. CC By

This lesson should take around 30 minutes and is appropriate for junior midwifery students, as well as anyone interested in childbirth. You will have a look at the virtual birthing unit in Second Life and then complete a multiple-choice quiz. This activity is designed to support you as you think about birthing environment and the concepts of birth unit design. This will be open to anyone who has access to the Internet.



  1. Demonstrate an understanding of childbirth as a normal life event which occurs within diverse social and cultural contexts.


1. Look around the birth unit and make a note of the information about the birth unit you find on notice boards, notecards and web sites that you are directed to.
2. Answer the multiple choice questions about the unit and what it is trying to portray in this quiz.
3. If you get any of the questions wrong, go back to the birth unit in Second Life and find the correct information.