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Students working on class assignment in computer laboratory. Image by Extra Ketchup. CCBy
Here are a number of learning activities designed to take you on a journey as you consider what is an ideal birthing environment both in Second Life and real life, explore alternative birthing environments, identify aspects of the virtual birth unit that may not be ideal in social and cultural contexts other than that of the New Zealand Pakeha context, and apply your learning to your own midwifery practice.

These learning activities are formative activities. They are voluntary, will not be assessed and do not contribute to the overall marks for your courses. However, they are designed to complement your midwifery courses and studies. Informal feedback will be provided by lecturers at the sessions in Second Life, on Facebook and at your face-to-face tutorials.

We recommended that you participate in the learning activities in the order they are listed below because each activity builds on the learning of the previous activity.

Finally, here is a fun activity that will help you test how much you remember about the virtual birth unit. Click on this link which will take you to a short quiz.

If you have any queries or problems, please contact your midwifery lecturers or Sarah Stewart (sarahstewart07@gmail.com)

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