Further considerations in stress assessment

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Further considerations

Once you've gathered your assessment information, there are three questions which you need to determine the answers to

  • Do you need to refer your client to another healthcare professional?
  • What level of training would be ideal for your client?
  • What is your client's commitment to change?


If your assessment has identified signs of depression, psychological illness, or if interpersonal issues are significant stressors in your client's life, then you should consider whether the inclusion of a psychological healthcare professional such as a counsellor or a psychologist would be beneficial.

Level of training and commitment

When considering the development of a healthcare programme, you should first consider which elements of the programme would ideally suit your client.

The programme that you develop however should be realistic given your client's commitment to change. Some clients are able to motivate themselves to attend a massage regularly, but this is the upper level of their commitment to change. Learning diaphragmatic breathing requires a little more effort, progressive muscle relaxation still more, and meditation requires consistent effort over a long period of time for the client to experience significant benefits.