Secrets of soil

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Grade and topic

Grade 6 Agriculture

Curriculum references

  • Understand soil
  • Using computers to study and document things

Concept / Topic To Teach

  • Soil structure and fertility

Standards Addressed

General Goal(s)

Understand layout of soils and soil types

Specific Objectives

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  • to observe soil profiles
  • to judge the soil types and fertility
  • to understand the soil types in Marovo

Required Materials

  • Soil samples
  • XO laptops or Windows laptop
  • Digital camera
  • Reef and Rainforest books and wiki access

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In)

  • Introduce soil types on blackboard.
  • Demonstrate the soil samples and features.
  • Point out examples in the book, show the students examples in the wiki
  • Compare Marovo and English names
  • Explain the excursion/outdoor activity

Step-By-Step Procedures

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  • Teacher will take the class to suitable site
  • Teacher demonstrates how to identify soil type with senses
  • Safety briefing about washing hands with soap and other precautions
  • Students form in to groups of mixed gender and ability
  • Students identify a soil type by English and Marovo name
  • Students photograph and sketch the soil and take notes on their XOs or on paper
  • Everyone washes hands with soap

Plan For Independent Practice

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  • Students should look in their home area for different soil types and document
  • Identify how many soil types are available
  • Ask family members what soil types they know in English and Marovo language
  • Students must work under parental supervision and wash hands after working with soil

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set)

  • Students look in the books and wiki for soil types (could be a follow up lesson)
  • Group presentations and discussion
  • Teacher summarises findings
  • Teacher selects content for uploading to wiki

Assessment Based On Objectives

  • Assess the group presentations
  • Assess students books
  • Questions on blackboard including some requiring use of books and wiki

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities)

  • Group work encouraging students to help each other

Extensions (For Gifted Students)

  • Upload good photos and text to the wiki
  • Do a Memorize game about the soil types
  • Create an eToys active essay about soil types

Possible Connections To Other Subjects

  • Science - chemistry (acidity etc) and biology (soil content)
  • Social studies (geography and soil types)

How well did this lesson go?

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