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Now let us take a look at the past form.This is the form that ends with an -edin the case of regular verbs.Irregular verbs have a different structural form but they have same functions.

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By the end of this unit you should be able to recognize and use the past forms of verbs

The past form has two main functions;

1.It is used to form the simple past tense.

2.It is also used as an adjective.

If you want to express an action or situation that happened or existed in the past you use the past form of the verb that expresses the action or situation.

For example;

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1.Caroline cooked the soup.

2.Sheikh wrote his thesis.

You also use this form as an adjective.

Look at these examples:

1.Sheikh has a colored pencil.(colored describes pencil) .

2.His has tinted glasses.(tinted describes glasses).

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Like word classes,the functions of verb forms are not fixed.The context in which a form is used determines its function.Always ask yourself "what is the role of the (main) verb?" As we have learned the past form of a verb has two function-expressing the past,and as an adjective.

Note that it is the past form of only regular verbs which can be used as adjectives.If the verb is irregular you use the past participle form as we will see later.

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Use each of these words (verb forms) to write two sentences one as a verb and the other as an adjective;painted,harvested,skipped,jumped

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For your further reading go to your nearest library and read up on principal parts of verbs