The importance of the Tongan Traditional Culture

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About the Traditional Tongan Culture there were so many culture that still exist nowadays such as Traditional Dancing that used to describe the old Real Tongan way of life. There is a Traditional Tongan Dance called " Fa'ahiula "This is a group dance of about 12 beatiful young girls, and this type of dance is not very fast but a bit slowly, they all act the same action .It actually talk about how the Tongan young girl shows their respect towards the highest chief of the Kingdom,working together as a team, they used to wear a Traditional costume which is made of tapa ,they also put Tongan oil on their skin just to show that they still keep their virgin, the perfume of the Tongan oil is another story, that tells the well behaviour of those young girl, the nature of the Tongan oil ,it warms the body,it soften the skin,it also calm dowm those who frustrated .

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Students should be able to practice the Traditional Tongan Culture :

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Key points
how to show Traditional Tongan Culture in their respectively places.