The core living values

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By the end of the session, the participants should be able to:
  • explain the meaning of living values
  • describe the core living values
  • explain and appreciate the benefits of living values


Values are the principles and beliefs that influence the behaviour and way of life of a group of people or community.

The things, ideas beliefs and principles that are of worth to a person shapes his or her values. A person’s values help to define who he/she is and help determine the choices he/she makes. Living values provide principles and tools for development of the whole person recognising that the individual is comprised of the physical, intellectual, social emotional and spiritual dimension. Life Skills Education is best enhanced by living values. Therefore it is important for the teacher to understand and apply Living values so as to enhance acquisition of life skills.

The Core Living Values • Cooperation • Freedom • Happiness • Honesty • Tolerance • Unity • Peace • Respect • Responsibility • Simplicity • Humility • Love

LOVE Where there is love, there is a world. Love looks on all with a vision of equality Love is all giving without any thought of a return A heart that has love is able to accommodate The whole universe and still has space for more. Selfless love is truly unlimited; It forgets and forgives the weakness And sees only beauty and specialities in everyone

HONESTY Speak with honesty and you will get a chance to learn. The one who is honest will speak about themselves first, not about others. Others won’t get impressed by your words. Or even by your face… But by your honesty and truth To speak that which you think and to do that Which you speak is honesty.

TOLERANCE Where there is tolerance, You are able to remain quiet and happy inside. One who has tolerance has the power to Accept and accommodate all situations. Only when you are contented internally can there be tolerance When you are contenedt, then just like a mother who has love for her child, There is no limit to tolerance.


Simplicity is identifying and being comfortable with those elaborate circumstances which shape our lives without worrying or making matters complicated. It requires facing any complexity with a plain and simple mind Simplicity starts with the self and overflows to everything else around us. A life lived in simplicity is a satisfying life Which inspires everyone yet possessed by one.


Peace is the original quality of the self. In its purest form, peace is inner silence. It consists of positive thoughts, pure feelings and good wishes To have peace you need patience When you are peaceful, you create an atmosphere of peace, Peace in the world can only be realized When there is peace in the minds of man.

HAPPINESS There is happiness when each moment is used in a worthwhile way. Happiness is such nourishment that it can transform a person, from weak to powerful, it makes difficult things easy heavy things light To remain happy and share happiness with others is the greatest act of charity No matter what happens, your happiness should not be lost.

COOPERATION It is based on faith, love, trust and understanding. It is not a bargaining game, in which one person’s success is achieved at the expense of another’s Real cooperation takes place when there are good wishes and pure feelings for each other. The highest cooperation is to partake of God’s task; And in return He will cooperate with you forever

HUMILITY Humility is dedication to the extent that no acknowledgement is sought for the self. Humility allows you to learn. There is great strength in humility It never holds on to anyone for support Everyone bows down to those who bow down first. Humility is not subservience but greatness. It is visible when there is love Have love for humility. It helps you to remain happy

RESPECT True respect is valuing one’s Own existence and the existence of others. It is not connected to a person’s role, Social position, nor his capacities or talents, It is the awareness that everyone has value; Everyone is unique When there is respect, there is understanding, Giving and taking on basis of love. Only when you give respect do you earn the respect of others.

RESPONSIBILITY The world’s a stage and we are all actors Each actor plays a unique part and He is responsible for his own actions. Responsibility means playing our part Accurately no matter what the task may be Each one of us has a huge part in creating a better world. Just respond to the abilities Within you and become responsible.

FREEDOM Freedom starts in the mind. Understanding the self is the key to freedom The more one understand the self, the easier it is to be liberated from waste. Freedom means to be uninfluenced, Unaffected and to be at peace with the self. True freedom is to experience the true essence of one’s being and that is peace.

UNITY Unity is harmony within and amongst individuals. It is built from a shared vision For the common good. Unity is appreciating the values of each Individual and their unique contributions. When there is the willingness Within the self to accommodate others, unity blossoms When I take the first step to mend fences, others will also change.

BENEFITS OF CORE LIVING VALUES • Values bring happiness in life • Values are the treasure of life, making humans wealthy and rich • A life filled with values is a life of self-respect and dignity • Values bring independence and freedom • They expand the capacity to be self-sufficient • They liberate one from external influences • They offer protection and those who get it are able to share with others • Values bring empowerment and remove weaknesses and defects • They open the heart and transform human nature so that life is filled with compassion and humility • Students also thrive in a value-based atmosphere in a positive, safe environment of mutual respect and care. Where students are regarded as capable of learning to make socially conscious choices