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Seeking Donor Support

Donor financial support will be sought as follows:

  1. From traditional partners - AusAID, NZAid,EU, Taiwan, etc
  2. Will include COL, Worldbank, and other non-traditional partners
  3. Link up with existing interventions - such as AusAID's CAS work at CDRC, NZAid's work with KTC, EU's assistance with PRIDE, etc.
  4. Seek financial assistance to cover in-country workshops and expenses. These expenses will include: 2 major support workshops on - South Tarawa, and on Christmas Island. The workshops will involve at most 20 educators (Ministry officers, teachers, administrators, and others if possible). The workshop will be on - overview of Wiki - it's central beliefs and values, applications of Wiki to Kiribati,how Kiribati can make use of Wiki, brief introduction to online Wiki, basics of Wiki editing, setting up of Pages, editing, communicating, others.