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SLMtitle.png Relationship within the family

By M.H.M. Hassan

Chapter Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Relation ship within the family
  4. The privileges enjoyed by being a member of the family
  5. Duties and responsibilities of various members of the family
  6. Le't Us SumUp
  7. Practice test
  8. Answers to SAQs
  9. Reference

SLMinto.png Introduction

The family is the most basic unit we belong to. The time we spend as a child in a family consider as the most significant period in our life. The main reason for this is that it is during this age that the children develop the basic skills necessary for them to be good and useful citizens in the future. Therefore, there should be good relationship among the members of a family and as result all family members can derive happiness and pleasure through them. Such relationships build up and become consolidated only when all the members of the family act with a proper understanding of their rights duties, and obligations

SLMobj.png Learning Objectives
After reading this chapter, you are expected to learn about:

  1. Explain the relationship of the members of the family;
  2. List out the privileges receiving from the family;
  3. Write down the duties and obligation of family members.

Relationship within the family

Born as human beings all of us are members of some family. One family any differ from another, depending on the family of its members, their age levels and the various activities they are engaged in mutual understanding, trust, bout and attraction that prevail among the members are essential characteristics of every family.

Whether a family is small or large it is essential that there exists very cordial relationship among all members. As these relationships become strong, parents and Children can be expected to perform their member duties and obligations properly. The rights of the members of family are determined by the fulfillment of the duties and obligations toweled on another the relationship omens members of a family can be respected by a diagram of the family shown 1.1 maintain their relationship. It can that the privileged of all the member s of the family are safeguarded and that their duties and obligations are fulfilled such relationships.

The privileges enjoyed by being a member of the family

For every person who is entitled to membership family there are several rights witch his /her family should offer him. The united Nations Children’s charter mentions these privileges as rights . These privileges May differ from family to family and from member to member. Think of the privileges you ought togged from your families a Buoy a grail. The following are the privileges rajah is a 12 you old boy gets from his family.

  1. Receiving the affection recognition and protection of the family
  2. Receiving food, lathing and medicines
  3. Receiving facilitates to proceed with his education activities books ex.
  4. Receiving the opportunities to their family tradition and values
  5. Assisters him enjoy his leisure time properly

Among the privileges enjoyed by an adult in the some family three con be drivelines either similar to or different from those enjoyed by child. See slow the privileges enjoyed by an adult is a family.

  1. Receiving medicine food me comm. oration
  2. Receiving the affection, recognition and compaction of other
  3. Engages in cordial talk
  4. Spending leisure time happily
  5. Spending the time freely

Duties and responsibilities of various member of the family

As much as an individual enjoys several privileges by being a member of a family there are also several duties and responsibilities (Obligations) he should perform towers his family. Followings are statement made by some 12 year both about the duties performed by them. These statements explain the attempts made by these statements explain the attempts made by these statements explain the attempts made by these children to reforms some duties on thru parts as boy or girl.

Kamala It was I who helped father to water the uneatable plots.

Sheala To day I washed grand moths clothier

Famthima I helped my younger sister in her home wove

Ravi Went to the fain with mother and booths vegetables

Siva To day I fond the medina hives my father water

Consider some of he occasions when you perfumed your duties towards the members of your family. It any member prerfounmshis duties and responsibilities properly. It will consolidate the hindering among all the member of the family person always used not have to money to

to fulfill his duties and obligations affection trust respect and binding are factors inestimable in monitory terms which persuade all of us to perform our duties and obligations to words each other

There are many parents omen us who mole with dedication to perform the duties and obligations expected of them by the family. Read the following Newspaper headlines. They save information about a father, mother and son have with dedicate to understand their duties and fulfill them.

  1. A father who maintains his family by crushing metal
  2. Mother Gove to middle East for the benefit to family
  3. A son who looks after his old mother with affection

When the member of the family are considerate repeatedly. There are several duties and obligations that have to be preformed by the father, mother, and the Children

Father = Maintain the wife and children treating them with affection protection them and whining so as t establish harmony and the family are some of the duties of the father.

Mother = The duties and abolitions the mother is require to perform are many. Helping t other in fulfilling the needs of her husband and children cabins for them with affection and establish the harmony of the family are some of them

Children = Suing love and affection to prevents and elders responding them arm obeying them nothing is and with affection with the Brother and sister enjoyed in studies properly and a adherence to food customs and traditions of the family are some of the duties and obligations of the children in a family.

SLMsum.png Results

SLMgloss1.png Glossary

Nuclear familyfamily with father , mother , children and Grand pedants

Extended familyFamily with father , mother and children

Duties Receiving family from your PrivilegesReceiving to you for the with ResponsibilitiesComplete to do RightsEntitle to enjoy.

SLMtest1.png Practice Test

Read the folling statements and put (√ ) or (x) with in the Brackets

  1. In the Nuclear family there are father , mother ,childer and grat Parnts
  2. Without perform the duties can not enjoy the pririleges
  3. Responsibolity in one of our Choice
  4. Them an 10 any duties for children in their family
  5. One of the responsibilities of the childresn of the family is helping others

SLMfeedb.png Answers to SAQs

  1. (×)
  2. (√)
  3. (×)
  4. (×)
  5. (√)

SLMref.png References and Further Readings

Dr. D. Lekamge, Citizenship Education, Department of Educational Publication.