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Learning and Knowledge in the 21st Century : The Development Equation
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The development of strong universities in the South - MITs, Harvards, Oxfords of the South and smaller institutions with strong communities - potentiating the dynamics of networks/partnerships, competition/cooperation thus raising the capacity of Southern universities on the whole. Attracting researchers, faculty and students to facilities with network acess, digital library resources, access to literature. Contribution to local development, economic and social opportunity for graduates. Net brain gain. Self-determined development. Tackling unfreedoms, alleviating poverty, solving development problems. Freedom, equity, equitability, substantive equality, human rights and meritocracy within and among nations. Restoration of the status of indigenous nations, integration, syncretic creativity, dynamic culture (re-mix), reconciliation of tradition and social progress. Leapfrogging development. Africa as a learning continent, a continent of knowledge, a leading benign power in the world (Yes we can!).


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