The Church in East Africa

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Section A: The Church Continuing and Extending Christ's Redemptive work in Apostolic Age

The Gospel to the Jews

(1) Pentecost

(2) Witnessing to the Jews

(3) Opposition and dispersal of Christian community

Carrying the gospel beyond the Jewish Nation

(1) Message to dispersed Jews

(2) Persecution leads to spreading of the message

(3) Message to the Gentiles

(4) Jewish law and Gentile Christians

The Gospel and Aspects of Gentile Religion

(1) Magic: Elymas

Simon the Magician

(2) Vested Interests: Spirit of Divination



(3) Idolatry

Way of Life of the Early Christian

(1) Prayer and worship.

(2) Common Life.

(3) Unity of spirit in the Early Church.

(4) Non-discrimination.

(5) Position of women.

(6) Faith of the Early Christians.

Outstanding Characters of the Early Church

(1) Life of Peter

(2) Life of Paul

Section B: Further Extension of the Church up to A.D. 451


Defense of Christianity. Tertullian.

Struggle with Philosophers

Alexandrian catechetical school. Clement, Origen.


Struggle for holiness. Pachomius. Anthony.

Definition of the Faith


Spread of the Faith

Libya. Nubia. Ethiopia.


The geographical extension of the Church up to AD 451.