The CSIR-Crops research Institute OER experience by Collins Osei

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Before the the Open Educational Resources workshop, I had been involved in the development of training and extension materials using conventional methods. Content development and review had been done with contributions from few people in a close environment. I therefore came into the workshop a novice in the use of Wikieducator. The workshop provided a hands-on activity which has enabled me to have some skills in operating the wikieducator. After my return home I will be able to use the Wikieducator to:

  • develop my training manuals
  • improve on lay out for Distance Learning
  • share my work with the wikie community for their comments and subsequent improvement.

If this is well done, I will be helping to create a large pool of Wikieducator users which in the long run will lead to the development of good layout for ODL materials.

Let me appreciate the contributions of COL, the resource persons paricularly Nicholas and Rainer and the entire participants for their cooperation.

Find below a picture of me in a training course on material development.