The Anatomy and Physiology of Animals/Directional Terms Worksheet 1/Worksheet 1 Answers

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Insert the missing directional terms:

1. The head is cranial to the tail
2. The spinal cord is medial to the vertebral column.
3. The thumb is distal to the elbow.
4. The humerus is proximal to the ulna.
5. The lungs are lateral to the heart.
6. The dorsal aorta is ventral to the vertebral column.
7. The lumbar vertebrae are caudal to the thoracic vertebrae.
8. The scapula is dorsal to the clavicle.
9. The bladder is caudal/ventral to the small intestine.
10. The oesophagus is dorsal/caudal to the trachea.
11. The tibia is cranial to the fibula
12. The patella is cranial to the knee joint.
13. The pelvic girdle is lateral to the vagina.
14. The intestines are caudal to the liver.
15. The nasal cavity is rostral to the mouth
16. The heart is medial to the elbow.
17. The heart is cranial to the stomach
18. The atlas vertebra is cranial to the axis vertebra
19. The fibula is distal to the femur
20. The radius is proximal to the phalanges