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Paragraph Formatting

As well as formatting characters, we can also use paragraph formatting to change the appearance of a document. Paragraph formatting changes happen from one paragraph mark ¶ to another paragraph mark ¶.

Centering, line spacing, paragraph spacing, indents and tabs are paragraph formats.

When changing the appearance of one paragraph just place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph. If you want to change the appearance of more than one paragraph, you must select the number of paragraphs that you want to change.

Paragraph alignment

Left Align TIM-left.png This is an example of left aligned text. The text is straight on the left margin and ragged on the right margin.
Right Align TIME-right.png This is an example of Right aligned text – text is straight on the right margin and ragged on the left
Center align TIM-centre.png This is an example of Center aligned text – it is centered between margins
Justify TIM-justify.png Text is even at the left and right margins. This is an example of text that has been justified using the Justify Icon on the Home tab.

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Center Align

  1. Open the file Club Med Villages which you worked on and save earlier.
  2. Click anywhere in this heading: TIM-trident1.png
  3. Click on the TIM-centre.png icon on the Home Tab ⇒ Paragraph Group. The heading will center between the margins.


  4. Repeat for Three Trident Villages and Four Trident Villages
  5. Go to the top of the file Ctrl + Home
  6. Select the first two headings


  7. Center align the selected text

Justify align

  1. Click in the next paragraph –it is Left aligned (left margin straight, right margin ragged)


  2. Click on Justify TIM-justify.png. The paragraph will be aligned evenly between left and right margins:


  3. Select this group of paragraphs:


  4. Click on Justify: the text will be aligned to left and right margins.

Right align

  1. Select these paragraphs:


  2. Click on Right align TIME-right.png

  3. Paragraphs will be aligned from the right margin and have a ragged left margin:


Left align

  1. Click in this paragraph:


  2. Look at the formatting bar and you will see the “Left align” button is “highlighted” because that formatting is applied
  3. Click in one of the paragraphs you changed and see which alignment is “highlighted”
  4. Save the changes to the document and leave the document open

Paragraph Line Spacing

When working with word processed documents you are able to adjust the line spacing of the text. By adjusting the line spacing you can improve the layout of text and its readability.

By changing the way text looks, you can draw attention to key words and ideas.

You can change the spacing between lines and between paragraphs.

OP icon activity.gif


Please note: the following tutorial will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

To complete this section, please work through the following tutorial:

  • Line and Paragraph Spacing

The tutorial includes a very useful video demonstration.