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Practise Exercise One: Advertisement



Create the above advertisement using the following information:

  • The title is Kristen ITC, Bold, and size 22. (Alternatively, you can use a similar font)
  • The Body text of the advertisement is Arial, size 12
  • The Phone number section of the advertisement is Arial Rounded, size 22
  • The bulleted list has 1.5 Line spacing
  • Create the logo using the Shapes Button. (Use Help to find out how to use the Shapes Feature.)
  • The logo contains two rectangles, four small circles and one larger circle as well as a text box
  • Be sure to add bullets to the list shown in the advertisement above. The bullets can be any type of symbol that will look attractive and relate to the advertisement
  • Save this exercise

Practise Exercise Two: One-page Flyer


  1. Create a one page flyer for the Fraser Road Kindergarten for their annual fundraiser
  2. Include the following information on the flyer:
    • Request the public to support their local kindergarten
    • On Saturday 26th March, they are holding an Art Show Day, where they will be selling framed artwork created by the children
    • The Art Show Day is to start at 11am
    • There will also be cake stalls and a BBQ at lunchtime
    • The children have picked out their best work to go on sale
    • The fundraiser is to raise funds to have the whole Kindergarten repainted and to have a new sandpit built
    • Include 2 related graphics  Include a bulleted list with appropriate bullet pictures  Use WordArt for a title
  3. Be sure to space the document to add attraction
  4. Spell Check the document and correct any mistakes
  5. Save this exercise

Practise Exercise Three: Word Help

Using the Help Function in Microsoft Word search for the following topics and print your results:

  1. How to print a help topic
  2. How to bold text
  3. How to add columns
  4. How to use section breaks

Hint: When searching the help feature sometimes it pays to use fewer words rather than more when searching i.e. instead of writing “how to add bold to text” just write “bold”.

Practice Exercise Four: Price List

Invitation Description



Create the price list as shown above. Use WordArt to create the heading, use the Shapes Feature to create the logo and use tabs to layout the price list.

Practice Exercise Five: Advertising Flyer

You have been asked by a friend to create a flyer to help sell their car. They have given you the following information:


Create an advertising flyer using the information above. Use bullets to add effect and add a clipart image or photograph of the car to the advert.

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